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Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership

PTSP’s mission is to establish a community of Pilipnx transfers and allies that eases the transition to UCLA by offering resources, cultural growth, and...learn more

Transfer Undergraduate Students of Hillel

TUSH (Transfer Undergraduate Students of Hillel) is the hub for Jewish transfer life at UCLA, bringing students together to explore and celebrate all that UCLA...learn more

Pre-Law Transfer Society

We are the first pre-law society that seeks to help transfer students at UCLA learn more about the law school admissions process and about careers in law....learn more

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, UCLA Student Chapter

The mission of the UCLA Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is to promote excellence in the Chemical Engineering Department of the...learn more

Students Supporting Israel at UCLA

Students Supporting Israel at UCLA provides an open space for pro-Israel supporters on campus in a particularly difficult climate. As a national movement we...learn more

Student Stroke Team

Student Stroke Team is a student-run organization consisting of approximately 20 undergraduate research assistants who work alongside neurologists in the...learn more

Sikh Student Association at UCLA

Sikh Student Association provides a platform for all students to excel in a variety of different ways: academics, spirituality, community service and social...learn more

Pre-Dental Student Outreach Club

PDSOP’s mission, as an organization is to inform and assist members throughout their pre-dental careers at UCLA. We strive to provide information regarding the...learn more

Muslim Student Association

Founded in 1964, the MSA at UCLA fosters a space for Muslim students on the UCLA campus. The MSA provides religious services, advocates on behalf of Muslim...learn more

Pakistani Students Association at UCLA

The Pakistani Student Association is a social, cultural and political student organisation that caters to the needs of the Pakistani community at UCLA. The PSA...learn more