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Bruin Shelter

Bruin Shelter is a volunteer-run homeless shelter for students experiencing homelessness. Our mission is to (1) provide fellow students experiencing...learn more

Bruin Animal Rescue Coalition

Bruin Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC) donates time and resources to local no-kill animal shelters while advocating for shelter animals through education on...learn more

Japanese Animation Club

Come join the largest anime club on campus, with sister clubs for art and dance!...learn more

USAC Community Service Commission

Our overall mission is to better the Los Angeles & global community with both direct service and advocacy, and to educate and inspire fellow students to do the...learn more

Happy Feet Clinic

​Happy Feet Clinic is a non-profit organization at UCLA dedicated to serving the homeless population of Los Angeles by providing free clinics focused on...learn more

Hunger Project

Established in 1987, Hunger Project continues to serve homeless individuals and at-risk populations with hot meals, conversation, and support. An entirely...learn more

Heart in Hand LA

Heart in Hand LA is a student-run community service group founded by UCLA students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to reduce the risk of...learn more

Bruins Opposing Speciesism

Our mission is to bring the social justice issue of animal rights to the forefront of public awareness and policy and implement meaningful change through...learn more

Rotaract at UCLA

Our motto is "Service Above Self." We Bruins take pride in giving back and supporting our community. Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club. Through...learn more

Effective Altruism at UCLA

Effective Altruism is a social movement and life ethic about making the greatest positive impact on the world, using rigorous statistical evidence, science,...learn more