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Pre-Medical Undergraduate Learning Through Shadowing Experience

PULSE (Pre-Medical Undergraduate Learning Through Shadowing Experience) is a UCLA student-run physician shadowing organization aiming to provide members with a...learn more

The Liver Project

The Liver Project (TLP) is an official UCLA student initiative to fight liver disease, including viral hepatitis, nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases/NASH,...learn more

The Healthcare Improvement & Innovation in Quality Collaborative

THINQ aims to radically shape care delivery by building transformative interdisciplinary platforms to catalyze and nurture innovation at UCLA that lead to...learn more

Team HBV

Team HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) at UCLA is dedicated to raising awareness of Hepatitis B on campus and in the community. Team HBV at UCLA aims to train...learn more

Flying Samaritans at UCLA

Our Flying Samaritans chapter at UCLA serves the rural communities of Rancho Escondido and Colonia Margarita Moran. Our program takes a unique approach to...learn more

Saving Hearts Foundation at UCLA

Saving Hearts Foundation is on a mission to prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest through awareness, education, and action....learn more

Students for Integrative Medicine

Students for Integrative Medicine (SIM) is a student-based organization at UCLA that promotes awareness of evidence-based, integrative, and whole-person...learn more

UCLA CTSI Research Associates Program

The UCLA CTSI Research Associates Program (CTSI-RAP) provides undergraduate UCLA students with the opportunity to gain exposure to hospital-based medicine as...learn more


An elite Pre-Health club for Jewish student at UCLA to gain access to multiple resources and connections such as research, networking, shadowing, mentorship,...learn more

High-tech and Neuro-Disorders

High-tech and Neuro-Disorders (HAND) at UCLA aims to increase awareness and education of neurological diseases, including movement disorders such as...learn more