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Collaboration in Undergraduate Research Enrichment

CURE at UCLA is an organization of undergraduate researchers who are dedicated to improving the undergraduate research experience. We aim to provide students...learn more

Neuroscience Undergraduate Society

Established in 1994 and reestablished in the Fall 2000, the Neuroscience Undergraduate Society focuses on educating the UCLA community about the field of...learn more

UCLA CTSI Research Associates Program

The UCLA CTSI Research Associates Program (CTSI-RAP) provides undergraduate UCLA students with the opportunity to gain exposure to hospital-based medicine as...learn more

Emergency Medicine Research Associates

Emergency Medicine Research Associates is a primarily student-run, faculty-supported volunteer clinical research program at UCLA. Based out of the Department...learn more

Happy Feet Clinic

​Happy Feet Clinic is a non-profit organization at UCLA dedicated to serving the homeless population of Los Angeles by providing free clinics focused on...learn more

Undergraduate Science Journal at UCLA

The UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal is a peer-reviewed publication registered with the Library of Congress, featuring top-quality research performed by UCLA...learn more

Pre-Med Community at UCLA

Encourage members to network, form study groups, support, and share resources with other pre-medical and pre-health students. Help members access the resources...learn more

Pre-Medical Undergraduate Learning Through Shadowing Experience

PULSE (Pre-Medical Undergraduate Learning Through Shadowing Experience) is a UCLA student-run physician shadowing organization aiming to provide members with a...learn more

Tech and Financial Research at UCLA

Student led data driven pro bono consulting & data science projects...learn more

SWC Student Education and Research of Contemporary Health

SEARCH: Student Education and Research on Contemporary Health—our name says it all. We know that there is a lot of research out there on health issues that are...learn more