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Pre-Med Community at UCLA

Encourage members to network, form study groups, support, and share resources with other pre-medical and pre-health students. Help members access the resources...learn more

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME at UCLA challenges students to set new standards in the field of mechanical engineering, in all scopes--from individual development, to the Samueli...learn more

Enigma: The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club at UCLA

Enigma is a social club for people with similar interests to interact and share their appreciation for science fiction, fantasy, and gaming in their many...learn more

Morning Sign Out

Morning Sign Out: UCLA Chapter is dedicated to the modernization of medicine, both by utilizing cutting-edge platforms, such as online publications and social...learn more

Bruins Fighting Pediatric Cancer

Bruins Fighting Pediatric Cancer (BFPC) is a student-run organization filled with passionate members dedicated to the mission of “never letting cancer cloud...learn more

Bruin Initiative

The Bruin Initiative is a student-run organization at UCLA that aims to alleviate educational inequality and promoting higher education by providing free SAT...learn more

Aqua Jogging Club

Aqua Jogging Club at UCLA is a club open to anybody interested in the art and sport of aqua jogging (deep water running).This is an inclusive space for...learn more

Japanese Animation Club

Come join the largest anime club on campus, with sister clubs for art and dance!...learn more

High-tech and Neuro-Disorders

High-tech and Neuro-Disorders (HAND) at UCLA aims to increase awareness and education of neurological diseases, including movement disorders such as...learn more

Medical Literature Society

We are an online news platform seeking to create a centralized source for all information that pertains to pre-health students. Additionally, we want to...learn more