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SCOPE Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition aims to address health disparities in our community by promoting healthy living practices to Los Angeles youth....learn more

Save the Children at UCLA

Save the Children is an international organization that provides children in the U.S. and around the world a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn,...learn more

Health Guardians of America at UCLA

The Health Guardians of America club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded at UC Berkeley in 2011, and has been expanding ever since with currently...learn more

Yoga for Flexible Futures

Yoga for Flexible Futures aims to provide yoga and nutrition lessons to underserved students in Koreatown....learn more

Expression Can Save

As members of Expression Can Save, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to experience self-expression through movement. Dance has the ability to help people...learn more

Pre-Med Community at UCLA

Encourage members to network, form study groups, support, and share resources with other pre-medical and pre-health students. Help members access the resources...learn more

Swipe Out Hunger

Swipe Out Hunger is UCLA's premier food justice organization, the founding chapter of a nationwide nonprofit. Swipes is dedicated to destigmatizing food...learn more

Body Image Task Force

The Body Image Task Force aims to help UCLA students cultivate healthy and positive body images. Our programs address various causes of and topics relating to...learn more

Student Wellness Commission

"SWC affirms that student well-being goes hand-in-hand with both physical and psychological health as well as academic success and well-roundedness. Our 11...learn more

Vietnamese Community Health

VCH will promote our members’ understanding of health disparities and the significance of achieving health equity through an intersectional lens while...learn more