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Pre-Medical Undergraduate Learning Through Shadowing Experience

PULSE (Pre-Medical Undergraduate Learning Through Shadowing Experience) is a UCLA student-run physician shadowing organization aiming to provide members with a...learn more

Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention

100% retention of Southeast Asian students through academic empowerment, student empowerment, and holistic development....learn more

Glendale Learning Program

The Glendale Learning Program (GLP) was originally established as the Armenian Tutorial Project in 1989 to aid the transition of Armenian immigrant families...learn more

Association for Computer Machinery, Artificial Intelligence

ACM AI’s mission is to grow and develop a community of students interested in Artificial Intelligence at UCLA, Los Angeles, and beyond....learn more

HandsOn UCLA

HandsOn is UCLA's only ASL club and we strive to help spread d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture through our discussions, and give those in the d/Deaf and Hard...learn more

Klesis Christian Fellowship

Klesis Christian Fellowship is a Christian club at UCLA. We believe that college is the perfect time to explore the big questions in life like, Does God exist?...learn more

Bruin Polyglot Society

An organization whose members possess a deep passion for language-learning and increasing their collective understanding and appreciation of various cultures,...learn more

Artistic Activism Coalition

The Artistic Activism Coalition at UCLA is a student organization working to educate and mobilize the community in addressing and advocating for topics that...learn more

Irish Dancers at UCLA

Irish Dancers at UCLA brings together students to celebrate Irish culture through dance....learn more