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The Data Science Union at UCLA

Cultivating a thriving community of data science professionals at UCLA....learn more

Building Engineers and Mentors

BEAM brings hands-on STEM education to local, underserved elementary schools. We aim to make science education more accessible and equitable (and fun!) and...learn more

SWC Sexperts

The Sexperts Committee is dedicated to educating the UCLA community about sexual health, pleasure, gender-based issues, communication and consent. Like the...learn more

Life Sciences Student Association

The Life Science Student Association aims to serve Life Science students with their academic and social needs, by cross-campus collaboration, programming, and...learn more

Women and Youth Supporting Each Other at UCLA

Founded at UCLA in 1992 with a mission to provide the resources and support necessary to empower young women to make confident and informed life decisions and...learn more

1girl UCLA

⭐️Empower a girl ⭐️Change a community ⭐️Educate a generation...learn more

SCOPE Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition aims to address health disparities in our community by promoting healthy living practices to Los Angeles youth....learn more

Biomedical Engineering Society

This is the official BMES student chapter at UCLA. We connect students to professional, academic, and technical skills in Bioengineering - all while having fun...learn more

Smart Woman Securities

The Smart Woman Securities chapter at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) seeks to provide undergraduate women with the skills necessary to make...learn more

ACM Teach LA

ACM Teach LA's goal is to provide equal access to computer science education in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We love computers, and we want to share them with...learn more