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Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention

100% retention of Southeast Asian students through academic empowerment, student empowerment, and holistic development....learn more

Dear Asian Youth at UCLA

Dear Asian Youth is a literary magazine and non-profit organization that aims to empower, educate, and increase the political engagement of Asian individuals...learn more

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers at UCLA

Our mission is to prepare Asian heritage engineers and scientists for success in the global business world, celebrate diversity on campuses and in the work...learn more

Asian American Christian Fellowship at UCLA

The mission of Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF) is to reach into the university and collegiate community, primarily to those who are Asian Pacific...learn more

Asian Pacific Health Corps at UCLA

Asian Pacific Health Corps (APHC) is a student volunteer organization that aims to promote healthy lifestyles among disadvantaged Asian and Pacific Islander...learn more

Vietnamese Student Union

The Vietnamese Student Union (VSU), established in 1977, is the official voice of all Vietnamese students at UCLA through its advocacy for the cultural,...learn more

United Khmer Students

The United Khmer Students (UKS) at UCLA is dedicated to fostering a positive environment for the Khmer campus community through socially, culturally, and...learn more

Teochew Association

TCA hopes to build family among Teochew people & anyone interested in being a part of TCA 🥰 We're here to provide a community to connect with other Teochew...learn more

Mann Mukti at UCLA

Our mission is to encourage healthy, open dialogue of South Asian mental health issues in an effort to remove stigma, improve awareness and promote self-care....learn more

Liberty in North Korea

Liberty in North Korea is a global movement standing with the North Korean PEOPLE as they face one of the biggest challenges confronting humanity today....learn more