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V-Day Coalition

The purpose of this club or organization shall be to keep the four core beliefs of the greater V-Day movement in mind at UCLA. These four core beliefs include:...learn more

Enigma: The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Club at UCLA

Enigma is a social club for people with similar interests to interact and share their appreciation for science fiction, fantasy, and gaming in their many...learn more

Project W.I.L.D. (Working for Immigrant Literacy Development)

Project Working for Immigrant Literacy Development (Project WILD), established in 1987, is a student-run community service organization in the USAC Community...learn more

Game Music Ensemble at UCLA

GME is a student-run organization consisting of a full orchestra, choir, jazz ensemble, and chamber groups dedicated to performing and celebrating original...learn more

Bruin Gaming

BruinGG is the ultimate UCLA gaming club, home of the eminent gaming community at UCLA. BruinGG was founded in order to further our goals of building a vibrant...learn more

Association of Students in Child Development

The Association of Students in Child Development (ASCD) is a nonprofit service-oriented student-led organization meant to provide professional opportunities...learn more

Days For Girls

The Days for Girls mission is to educate and empower those in need of menstrual resources by making menstrual kits accessible....learn more

Den Operations Club

We are a community of passionate sports fans that runs UCLA's student section: The Den. Alongside UCLA Athletics, Den Ops organizes and embodies The Den,...learn more

Dear Asian Youth at UCLA

Dear Asian Youth is a literary magazine and non-profit organization that aims to empower, educate, and increase the political engagement of Asian individuals...learn more