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Music Meditation Club

The UCLA Music Meditation Club is an open space for students to de-stress from schoolwork, practice mindfulness, and contemplate spiritual consciousness. This...learn more

Aqua Jogging Club

Aqua Jogging Club at UCLA is a club open to anybody interested in the art and sport of aqua jogging (deep water running).This is an inclusive space for...learn more

Running 101

The purpose of Running 101 is to create a community that promotes health and wellness through weekly runs/walks on trails on and around UCLA’s campus. Running...learn more

Irish Dancers at UCLA

Irish Dancers at UCLA brings together students to celebrate Irish culture through dance....learn more

Health Guardians of America at UCLA

The Health Guardians of America club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded at UC Berkeley in 2011, and has been expanding ever since with currently...learn more

Bruin Polyglot Society

An organization whose members possess a deep passion for language-learning and increasing their collective understanding and appreciation of various cultures,...learn more


To connect veteran older adults and UCLA students while allowing students to become more familiar with the hospital environment by directly interacting with...learn more

Community Medicine at Los Angeles

Our purpose is to provide underserved populations in the greater Los Angeles area with free healthcare services as well as to provide our members with...learn more

HandsOn UCLA

HandsOn is UCLA's only ASL club and we strive to help spread d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture through our discussions, and give those in the d/Deaf and Hard...learn more