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Active Minds at UCLA

Active Minds is a mental health advocacy group dedicated to changing the conversation about mental health and de-stigmatizing mental illness throughout the...learn more

Artistic Activism Coalition

The Artistic Activism Coalition at UCLA is a student organization working to educate and mobilize the community in addressing and advocating for topics that...learn more

Active Listening Club

The Active Listening Club is devoted to the exploration and appreciation of all musics. We gather to share, listen, and learn about the music that our members...learn more

Activism Through Policy

Activism through Policy is a activism organization that is focused on political change and helping communities through policy writing and outreach....learn more

Lavender Health Alliance

Lavender Health Alliance is dedicated to providing support, community, and resources for LGBTQ+ pre-health students and increasing awareness of inequalities...learn more

Effective Altruism at UCLA

Effective Altruism is a social movement and life ethic about making the greatest positive impact on the world, using rigorous statistical evidence, science,...learn more

Bruins Fighting Pediatric Cancer

Bruins Fighting Pediatric Cancer (BFPC) is a student-run organization filled with passionate members dedicated to the mission of “never letting cancer cloud...learn more

Speak Out for Surgery

In partnership with local nonprofit organizations, our mission is to bring free surgical care and long-term support services to people from underserved...learn more

Aware at UCLA

Aware’s mission is to create a safe space where students can discuss relevant ethical issues in order to build their own identities, be better advocates, and...learn more

Dig: The Campus Garden Coalition at UCLA

DIG is a coalition of gardeners and plant enthusiasts alike working to educate, engage, and empower the UCLA community. We host weekly workshops revolving...learn more